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Barcelona: Challenging Political Situation Won’t Affect Your Events

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

You may have read recently about the political struggles in Barcelona and the rest of

Catalonia. Following the sentencing of Catalan political prisoners, a series of large, mostly

peaceful demonstrations took place. These demonstrations did not cause disruption to

services, businesses and other aspects of everyday Barcelona life. Since the Catalan

independence referendum was held in October 2017, life in the city has continued

uninterrupted, although on a small number of occasions large, planned and therefore easy to

avoid, organised protests have been held.

As a business that provides events and services to both local and international clients, we

are aware that this, can be a cause for concern for those looking to base their events in our

wonderful city. Whilst the political situation is still unresolved, the situation on the streets is

calm and life continues as normal. We want to emphasise that Barcelona is still the

incredible, cosmopolitan city it has always been with warm and friendly people. Most

importantly, it is safe. Tourists still roam the streets in droves, tapas bars are buzzing with

energy and conversation, Messi is still making magic at Camp Nou.

Barcelona is a fantastic city to host corporate events, and our team has been working with

clients to ensure that their plans are able to go ahead successfully. Some have even

benefited from hotels and venues lowering their rates to attract more people to the city who

may have been deterred by what they have seen on the news.

We love our city, and all look forward to the day that the political deadlock surrounding the

Catalan independence question is solved. Until that time, for us and many other local

companies, it’s business as usual.

Choosing a place for your next corporate event? Get in touch with us at

info@eventbarcelona.es - we’ll be excited to prove Barcelona is still the same - safe,

beautiful and full of great food :)


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