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Are You Ready To Steal The Show At MWC 2020?

Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 is now open‎ for registrations! And it’s time for exhibitors to start planning the conference experiences.

Like at any other immense event, participants have to be creative in finding ways to stand out among other businesses and attract visitors to their stalls. Having 1-1 interactions with the conference attendees is the ultimate goal and to make sure your booth has traffic, you have to offer a unique experience. But how to do so? Luckily, Event Barcelona agency has an answer ;) As a trusted partner at MWC 2019, we know that having a high-quality catering at your stand makes the difference. Last year we organised F&B for several companies and the initiative resulted in a huge success! The stands were never empty, the conference attendees were highly interested to learn more about the brands and very open to conversations about products. Our delicious addition of gourmet food and mini-cocktails to the MWC experience helped the brands to stand out made a great starting point to building long-lasting client relationships.

This year, Event Barcelona is taking part in MWC 2020. We are going to support the congress organisation for our partners once again and we’re excited to announce the extension of our services for MWC 2020! In 2020, we’re adding transportation, accommodation, hostess, photography, and giveaway items production (we have an extensive catalogue with personalised candies, backpacks, parker pens, etc.) to our core - best-in-class catering services. What’s more - we’re offering special packages that allow splitting fees between the partners.

MWC 2020 is a perfect opportunity to establish your business in the tech industry, make valuable connections and expand your network. And with Event Barcelona, you will achieve your goals without a headache of organisation - get in touch at info@eventbarcelona.es to steal the show at MWC 2020 ;)


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