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Are you planning an event? Where to find inspiration?

Are you looking for places to find inspiration for your next event design? Here are a few places to help you.

Find inspirations in social media while planning your next event.
Event design inspiration

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are great places to find inspiration for your event design. The social media can be so inspiring and so overwhelming at the same time. You will find loads of designs on social media that can inspire you to come up with a great idea for your next event.

Look at your local art scene to come up with great ideas for your event.
Event planning inspirations looking at art

Local art scene

One of the favourite places to find inspiration for your event design is to look at the local art scene. The vibrant streets art scenes in cities are prominent areas to find inspiration for your event design. There is no shortage of galleries and arts in all directions, sprawled across building facades in some European cities which can inspire your next event design.

Take a cue from your own local art scene and pull inspiration from what you see. Is your city or town known for its sculpture scene? Or ancient art museums? Whatever your city plays host to, draw upon you’re a recognisable art movement and bring those elements into your event designs.

Inspiration for your event design might come from other industries or even from your neighbourhood vibe.
Look for event inspiration in other industries

Look at other industries

It is easy to feel like you are working in a bubble when you are in a specific industry.

You meet a lot of the same people and receive similar requests from different clients. Break out of the same old by taking some time to look at what other industries are doing with things like type, colour, texture, and interactivity. Some of the favourite industries to draw from include craft, wine, music, fashion, candy, and interior design.

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