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Amazing Examples Of Virtual Events

Online events and conferences are getting bigger and bigger! At Event Barcelona, we’ve prepared a list of the biggest online events that nailed it (and can be a great inspiration for yours):

Virtual HR Summit

How many HR professionals could you imagine gathering online? HUndreds? Thousands? Well, BambooHR lifts it up to another level - their online HR event virtually hosts more than 30,000 attendees. All sessions are held online, including keynotes and breaks. The audience is encouraged to participate in the conference through the chat and attendees are rewarded with complimentary industry professional credits. What a great practice!

3% Conference

The 3% Conference started as an online event with a great mission to support increase in the number of female creative directors. The virtual event provides livestream access to its lineup of best-in-class speakers from all sorts of industries - advertising, marketing, PR, tech, nonprofits, and many others. The conference is not free, but the organisers have the gold to reduce prices and make it more accessible. An awesome initiative!


Coursera doesn’t need much introduction. The virtual learning platform has mastered its niche and now offers endless libraries of online content to help people develop or improve their skills in various spheres. The platform will get you inspired on how to run engaging educational activities online.

Online events are a great way to connect with attendees and encourage human interaction :)


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