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A Perfect Venue For Your Brand At MWC Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, undoubtedly, is one of the key events in the mobile industry. The congress brings thousands of professionals to Barcelona and offers a brilliant opportunity to move their businesses forward. This all sounds great except for one detail: Barcelona has limited event venues capacity, and it becomes extremely challenging to find the right (or sometimes any) space for your brand presentations, meetings or dinners.

Luckily, at Event Barcelona agency, we have some excellent options available :) One of our favorite event venues still has the capacity to host your brand activities. This unique 1,700-square-meters venue with a fantastic design is located in the heart of Barcelona and offers a vast multifunctional space, which will be perfect for both official events like presentations, business meetings or workshops and more informal gatherings like dinners or after-the-event cocktail hour. The venue is perfect for MWC participants. It’s hard to imagine an activity the venue will not be suitable for - from smaller conference spaces to huge amphitheaters, to cozy lounges, to a restaurant - it has it all. Plus, its modern design and unique atmosphere will, undoubtedly, leave a positive impression on the event attendees.

And the best part is that, at Event Barcelona, we’ll be happy to take all the organisation on us. Otherwise, why would you need an event planner? :) Get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es and we’ll set an incredible event at an outstanding venue for you ;)


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