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5 Legendary Music Events

Who doesn’t like a great music festival? Our assumption is that no one says no to such events - great music, happy people and a wave of positive emotions make all of us groove :) At Event Barcelona, we’ve prepared a list of 5 most impressive (in our event planners opinion) music festivals:

1. The Electric Daisy Carnival

This massive and somehow magical event is a three-day electronic music journey in Las Vegas. The Electric Dais features hits from more than 500 world’s most popular DJs. Not to miss next year (hopefully).

2. Coachella

The festival offers an amazing opportunity to go camping with fellow festivalgoers and get the most of the top performances. The event goes from light to night in Indio, California. Can’t wait for the event’s grand return!

3. Tomorrowland

Usually happening at the end of July in Belgium, the electronic music festival hosts nearly 200,000 people, hundreds of DJs, and never ceases to surprise attendees with crazy stage designs. The unmissable insanity for electronic music fans.

4. Roskilde

Denmark’s Roskilde is one of the biggest European music festivals. The 4-days-long event provides more than 180 shows to enjoy. A massive show for music lovers.

5. Snowbombing

Snowbombing festival, held in Austria, is a 7-days-long mix of skiing, snowboarding and world-class DJs’ performances on tops of the mountains. The best event for winter sports and music fans.

Music festivals probably do give event planners a grey hair or two, but how rewarding it must be afterwards with all the attendees’ joy! That’s the best part of the event manager's job :)


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