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4 Top Corporate Event Trends 2020

Resolutions’ hype is coming to an end and trends are taking over. It’s about time to get your alerts on and plan events according to the latest industry movements. Here are the 4 hottest trends that Event Barcelona agency has prepared for you:

1. Sustainable event planning

Not particularly new, but an incredibly important trend continues. In 2020 the focus on sustainability will grow bigger and be requesting the events to be eco-friendly more insistently. Event planners, who are not implementing eco-friendly practices, might start losing business opportunities. If you’re still getting your head around how to run sustainable events, it’s the best time to figure it all out.

2. More active and mindful events

Event attendees demand it to be not only environmentally-friendly but also healthy and meaningful. Event participants seek energy and knowledge in the events and the ones that are ready to offer the latter, get the best attendees that are happy to participate in all activities and engage. Including activities that restore some work-life balance to the event agenda is becoming more and more vital. It can be a yoga or meditation session, painting or creating, or even a walk in the fresh air - anything that lets people focus on their thoughts and feelings and helps to recharge will get a high demand in 2020.

3. Inclusion of immersive experiences

In 2020 immersive experiences will become nearly a must for the attendees’ engagement. Introduction of such experiences will allow event organisers with their guests on a completely different level. Try it out this year - from our experience, it’s totally worth it!

4. More diversity in catering and activities

Event attendees are becoming more and more picky about their choices of F&B options or activities they would take part in. For event planners, that means classic attractions like an open bar might not be enough to motivate attendees to engage at the event. Providing interesting activities and various (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) options helps the event to stand out and be more inclusive to those who have different diet preferences.

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2020 promises to be a year full of healthy, experimental and sustainable choices when it comes to the event industry. Us, at Event Barcelona, are ready to put in place all the new practices and lead our events to the bright future :) Hope you are too! And if you need any support - get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelons.es


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