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3 Ways To Effectively Use Your Event Registration Area

Most event organizers take event registration as a processual necessity. Though those planners overlook the fact that the registration stall is the point of the first interaction with guests and it can be used to the event advantage.

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A registration point no matter how simple it is, can be a powerful tool. There are three key ways to make the most of it:

1. Make the registration area easy to find. One of the most frustrating experiences before the event can be walking around fences and not being able to get in. Provide all the necessary signage and guidance to make sure your guests register smoothly. If your conference is in the hotel, please make sure to send the logo or other artwork to the hotel staff in advance so they can have it ready and out your way instead of standard hotel font.

2. There is no worse welcoming of attendees than a long queue. Anticipate it - think of ways to engage your guests while waiting. Provide seating and internet. You can organise roaming entertainment - magicians interacting with the guests, screens with informative content on display or social media activations for little rewards. Sometimes waiting time is unavoidable but that doesn’t have to negatively impact your event.

3. Train your event personnel to bring their “A-game”. The registration staff members are the first point of contact - they set the event mood. Make sure they are prepared to do it well.

Registration areas are meant to set the first impression of your event. Make sure you think through ways to engage with your guests and create a positive experience. If you need support in your event organisation, get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es. We are the experts at guests welcoming ;)


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