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3 Inspiring Examples Of Experiential Events

One of the greatest advantages of live events is the direct interaction between a brand and its customers. This unique engagement is not only extremely powerful and insightful but also highly impactful for the business. According to the EventTrack, 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event - that is an outstanding effect! And there are plenty of examples to prove this point - at Event Barcelona, we’ve prepared a list of experiential event examples to showcase their brilliance:

1. Design Touch Event in Tokyo

Design Touch is an event that makes designs tactile. The event’s motto is to "enjoy design through all five senses". In 2017 as part of the Design Touch Event in Tokyo, they created a brilliant experiential activation called Digital Vegetables.

When a participant touched a plant in the vegetable section, it triggered a wave of colorful lights and sounds that would make you feel each aspect of the plant in a special new way. Every noise, every color would reflect a different component of the vegetable, letting visitors connect with nature using senses other than taste or smell. Such an innovative way of the exhibition brought an unprecedented number of visitors to the event - an undoubtful business benefit :)

Photo by Colossal

2. House of Vans

One of the Vans stores has put a ramp inside their store space so their fans could to not only shop but also practice skating, socialize, grow and strengthen the community at the same time. At the opening event of the new House of Vans, the brand brought together Vans skater of different levels from all over the world including a wide range of recognized professionals. Needless to say, the event was a success :)

Photo by hypebeast.com

3. Guinness Beer Tasting

The Guinness brand offered its customers a chance to experience Guinness beers. Simply put, there was a beer tasting in an intimate environment, where guests could learn more about the Guinness culture, the beer-making process, the smell, the taste, and texture of the beer while enjoying the drink itself. It was a great way to increase brand and product awareness :)

Apart from all the business benefits, experiential events are also incredibly engaging for event planners :) That is one of the most creative event types and at Event Barcelona, we love organising experiential events! Contact us at info@event.barcelona.es to plan your next one :)


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