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3 Great Team-Building Activities To Re-Connect With Your Teams

There’s no better time to re-establish a connection with your teams and probably no better way than a good old team-building :) Nothing else brings people closer together and helps teams to collaborate more effectively.

At Event Barcelona, we’ve prepared a short list of team-building activities you can execute right now to get the employees morale up:

1. An Escape Room Challenge

It’s undoubtedly is a great activity to exercise the team work. In the past years, the variety of escape rooms got to an absolutely new level - you can now find yourself escaping a jail, try out a detective role-play, or get into a crazy scientists setting and find a way to save the world from a virus (a very useful skill, as it turned out). Pick the room that suits your team interests the most and give it a go - we’re sure it’ll be great fun.

escape room team building event

2. A Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a great option for a funducating teambuilding. It’s a great way to learn a new skill, to work with your teams on a new kind of assignment and enjoy the food together. It’s definitely a more relaxed option than an escape room challenge if you’re looking for a stress-free activity :)

cooking class teambuilding event

3. A Trivia

Who isn’t into trivia these days? Apart from being genuinely incredibly entertaining, it’s also a great way to improve your erudition - flex your art, history, sports or pop culture muscles. Do your teams enjoy knowledge sharing? Then it’s the best way to connect them on that :)

trivia game teambuilding event

It’s vital to keep your teams connected and, luckily, there are various options to do so. Choose your team-building activity and let us know if you need help with organisation - we’ll be delighted to help :)


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